General Ambulance

Convenient and practically arranged medical equipments.


Interior Options

Standard specifications
Rotary type Warning lamp, Amplifier, LED room lamp(2Ea), Fire extinguisher
Fixed Type main stretcher (Linked type:optional), sub stretcher, Madicine cabinet, Oxygen tank (1 ea), IV hook, adjustable light, Ventilator, Bench type seat(Appliance box)
Main stretcher / Sub stretcher
Fixed type main stretcher
(Standard specifications)
Sub stretcher (Standard specifications)
Linked type main stretcher (Optional)

The main stretcher used for rapid, convenient, and safe lifting and transfer of a patient can be handled by only one person in charge of emergency service.

Main Items

This is a new-concept ambulance,
in which a varienty of medical equipments are Arranged practically for the use of the emergency patient and medical personnel.
  • Medical storage box
    Convenient for stroring various medical devices and medicines practically.

  • Adjustable light“, LED”lamp and ventilation
    Adjusting the lamp position will shed light on the affected part, and the 4-stage air circulation fan guarantees optimum interior condition.

  • Oxygen tank for medication
    Oxygen tank necessary for emergency rescues is mounted by strong steel bracket.

  • First aid kit

  • Square bench and appliance box
    Two persons can be seated with seat belts respectively, enough space for the medical equipment (seat can be separated into two).

  • Controller of warning lamp and mic
    Emergency warning lamp, mic and controller for efficient communication in emergency situation with 3 kinds of siren sounds in the vicinity of the ambulance.

  • Strobe warning lamp (optional)
    The strobe warning lamp emits light through electronic control with additional visibility and durability as well.

  • Sub stretcher (Standard specifications)


Category Camping Car Limousine Gen. AMB. Lux. AMB. Child Prot. Child Bus Refrigerator 3VAN
Transmission A/T A/T A/T A/T A/T A/T A/T
Vehicle Category Med. Vans Med. Vans Med. Vans Med. Vans Med. Vans Med. Vans Small Cargo
Passenger Capacity 1+3 = 4 1+10 = 11 1+4 = 5 1+4 = 5 1+11 = 12 1+14 = 15 1+2 = 3
Overall Length (mm) 5,150 5,175 5,150
Overall Width (mm) 1,920 1,990 1,920 1,990 1,920
Overall Height (mm) 2WD 2,020 2,260 *1,925 2,400 2,085 2,145
4WD 2,065 2,305 - 2,445 2,130 -
Max Capacity (kg) - - - - - - 600
Whellbase (mm) 3,200
Min. Turning Radius (m) 5.6
Engine Type CRDi
Displacement (cc) 2,497
Max Power (ps/rpm) 175/3,600
Fuel Type 경유
Fuel Tank Volume (ℓ) 75
Tire 2WD(FR.) 215/65R17 215/70R16C
4WD(FR.) 215/65R17 - 215/65R17
2WD(RR.) 215/65R17 215/70R16C
4WD(RR.) 215/65R17 - 215/65R17